October Faves: MICHAEL KORS Rose Gold Watches

I have been  completely in love with these Michael Kors Rose Gold Watches for awhile now. I am thinking they will be one of my favorite Autumn accessories this year. Here are three different ones that I really like. I tried all three of them on recently to see how they look in person, since you never know what size they will be in person. I also wasn’t sure how well the rose gold color will go with my skin tone (there is a difference in the rose gold tone among the three). Something you don’t know about me is that I am a watch fanatic! I own about six different watches, which some people will probably think is a bit much. But since I usually always wear the same jewelry everyday (diamond studs and necklace), I like to switch it up with my watches and silver or gold bracelets with them. And trust me they are ALL different and I wear them all the time. I usually wear at least three different style each week and I can’t wait to add one of these watches to my collection.

Here are the three styles I really like.

MICHAEL KORS Rose gold-plated chronograph watch – $250


This watch has a rose gold dial (which I really like) on the face as well as three sub-dials and a date function. It combines a beautiful feminine and elegant rose gold tone along with masculine details like the link bracelets and the oversized face.












MICHAEL KORS Oversized Rose Gold Watch – $250


This is an oversized watch with a simple rose gold face. A little more simple and feminine then the previous watch.  Similar three sub-dials, date function and hinged snap closure as the Rose gold-plated Chronograph watch. These two watches are similar also in size approximately 2.75″ diameter and the dials are 1.75″ wide. The rose gold tone in both of these watches are the same and accurately pictured below.



You can see here that the links on this watch is much smaller then on the Rose gold-plated chronogaphy watch.











AND LASTLY MY FAVORITE: MICHAEL KORS Rose Golden Chronograph Watch – $250


This watch is different from the previous ones in many ways. Aside from the white face, this rose gold color of this watch is much lighter and subtle then the other watches. This is one reason why I like this watch over the others ones. Since I have a more olive skin tone I feel that this color best complemented me. The other two were too yellow and bright for me, whereas this one is a more light gold. I also tried a regular gold MICHAEL KORS watch and that definitely did not look good on me. It could be because I am use to just wearing silver instead of gold and the lighter rose gold color was a easier transition for me to make. But I just felt it looked better on my skin tone.




Another key difference with this watch are the links. The links are much larger then other watches. I have a small wrist and you might think a watch with smaller links will look better, but since the face is oversized, I think the larger links makes the watch look less overwhelming and much sleeker on my wrist.




Last thing to note is that the face to this watch (1.5″) is smaller then the other ones (1.75″). And while I do like oversize watches, I felt the other ones where just too big for my wrists and this was just the right size.






While these watches were very similar, they are also completely different. I think each one would look different on everyone and you just have to try it on to figure out which one is best for you. I think I found the one for me and will let you know which one I ended up picking. I know this look isn’t for everybody. But I really like watches, so I am really obsessed with these. I hope you found this helpful if you are considering any of these watches.


Are any of you guys liking these watches too? Which one do you like the best! Happy Monday!





3 Comments to “October Faves: MICHAEL KORS Rose Gold Watches”

  1. I am loving the rose gold waches! I don’t own anything rose gold and now I have to have something in rose gold! Great pictures and reviews, btw. I don’t know if you have ever watched the Rachel Zoe project, but this season she bought a gorgeous pair of rose gold bracelets that were handcuff like. Each bracelet was linked to the other and it looked amazing on an arm. A real conversation piece.

    • Hi Jessica! Thanks so much. I am glad you liked the review. I think that rose gold is very beautiful, elegant as well easily very wearable. I do watch the Rachel Zoe project, but I haven’t see any of the recent episodes. Those bracelets sound so gorgeous. I was actually considering purchasing some gold or rose gold bracelets. I will have to do some research to see what they look like. I saw that Rachel Bilson mentioned one of her favorite piece of jewelry is her new rose gold bird bracelet in this months INSTYLE magazine.

  2. Hey!

    Really good review, thanks!
    I love the color on these, so beautiful.
    I am considering whether I’m going to buy one of these or not, and the only thing i’m a bit conserned about is the size. My wrist is kind of big. Heh.

    You wrote that the diameter of the watch was 2.75″ Does that mean that when the watch is closed, the diameter of the chain is 2.75″? And is this as big as it gets, or can you adjust the chain? Didn’t find anything about this on the web, and thought it would be best to ask someone who actually owns one.

    Thank you so much for answering.


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