Eric Daman For Charlotte Russe


Eric Daman, the Emmy Award-winning costume designer for the cast of Gossip Girl is launching a new line of party dresses, shoes and accessories for Charlotte Russe. The line is set to be released in stores on October 24, but you can find a few dresses online now! Also everything is under $50. Here is what Eric said about his new line:

“I really feel I know the Charlotte Russe customer so well.  And I felt the need to do party dresses because their is such a void out there for cute, fun, not super expensive dresses. Expect up to the minute trends–velvet, one shoulder, sequins, peek-a-boo lace and a different shape and size dress for every girl”.



I don’t shop at Charlotte Russe, but I wouldn’t mind stopping in to check out this new line. I love Gossip Girl and think Eric Daman is an amazing designer. Eric has done such an amazing job dressing each character on the show and developing their style over the years. Each character has their own unique style and I always look forward to seeing what they they will wear next. Not only do the girls on the show wear the most amazing and newest clothes, shoes and handbags, but the guys look great as well. I love it when designers do collaborations with retailers! Take a look at the new line and tell me what you think. Anything catch your eye?






Velvet and Lace Dress – $44.50

This is something I can see Serena’s character wearing. Very sexy.




(Photos courtesy of




One Shoulder Mini Dress$44.50

Another perfect Serena dress.





(Photos courtesy of


Assymetrical Dress – $49.50



(Photos courtesy of



Dot Print Dress – $44.50

Very Blair Waldorf don’t you think? I love this one.




(Photos courtesy of



Fitted Black Dress – $49.50

I don’t love the shoulders. Very Serena Van Der Woodsen.





Embellished Shoulder Dress – $44.50

Embellished Neck Dress – $44.50




Eric also has a book released last December called “You Know You Want It: Style-Inspiration-Confidence“. I love style books, so I am definitely going to go check it out.






A behind the scene look of the photoshoot for Eric’s new book.



Eric’s Motto, “Don’t Apologize, Accessorize!”. LOVE IT!!



I really love everything that Eric has done so far. He is a truly talented person and I can’t wait to see what he does next! I hoped you enjoyed this post! I will be going out of town this weekend to Chicago, so I am sorry to tell you  this is going to be my last one for week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!







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