Burberry Beauty

I have been a big fan of Burberry for years and when I heard that the company was debuting a Beauty line in July, I couldn’t wait to check it out. The collection is available at Nordstroms and Burberry stores, but unfortunately for me I live in one of the states that does not carry the line (not even in the Burberry store). As much as I wanted some of the products I couldn’t bring myself to just order them online in case I didn’t like any of it, so I put off purchasing them. Luckily for me I was able to take a quick trip to Chicago this past weekend and got to see the whole collection in person.

I went to the Nordstrom off of Michigan Avenue and got a little make over from a sales associate for Burberry. The sales associate was really helpful and did a great job. Whenever I get a makeover at a department store I always leave hating everything they put on me. It is probably because I really like natural looking makeup and where ever I go they always put way too much on and make me look like a clown. That was definitely not the case at Burberry. I loved everything I tried on and the sales person was amazing at picking out what would look good on me!

I think I instantly gravitated towards their beauty line because I know that the Burberry look has always been very natural and the new beauty ads really showed that. I love their peachy cheeks and rosy lips!

The Burberry beauty collection includes 96 products ranging from:

Foundation, Pressed Powder, and Compact Foundation




Blush and Bronzer




Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and Lip Pencil




Eye Shadow, Mascara, and Eye Pencil



I went to Nordstrom prepared with a list of products that I wanted to try after doing some research online and watching reviews on youtube. A really good review I found for Burberry cosmetics is from a beauty guru name REAview. I always enjoy watching her reviews and tutorials. She does great reviews of products with a lot of good information and I like her taste in cosmetics. She also has similar skin tone to mine so it is easy to see if something would look good on me or not. After watching her Burberry beauty review, I knew I that I would love the products.

My original list included:

  1. The ‘Light Glow’ Natural Blush in No. 02 Cameo or No. 04 Peony – $42
  2. The ‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick in No. 02 Cameo or No. 08 Tea Rose – $30
  3. The ‘Lip Glow’ Natural Lip Gloss in No. 07 Cameo Pink or No. 04 Blush – $27
  4. Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No. 05 – $52

And I ended up getting:

  1. The ‘Light Glow’ Natural Blush in No. 04 Peony
  2. The ‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick in No. 02 Cameo
  3. The ‘Lip Glow’ Natural Lip Gloss in No. 10 Nutmeg
  4. Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No. 05

My Purchase:

Nordstrom was having a beauty event going on the time I was there, so I got a cute little canvas bag with my purchase, along with some extra samples of the lipstick and foundation.



Me playing around with the camera





The ‘Light Glow’ Natural Blush in No. 04 Peony

This blush is so pretty on. It is a very natural light shade of rosy pink. It is very pigmented so you only need a swipe or two with your brush to get a good amount of color on your cheeks. The case is a really nice metal-like material with a gun-metal color with the Burberry signature check on it. The blush case also has a magnetic closure, something very unique with cosmetic cases I’ve never seen before. It also comes with a cloth pouch with Burberry check print if you can see in the photo to the left of the case.


Info from Nordstrom.com:


Formula: This airy micro-powder ensures rich shades. Silicones provide an easy glide.

Benefits: An effortlessly natural fresh complexion and a healthy glow.

Protection: Provides moisturizing benefits.





The ‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick in No. 02 Cameo


I don’t usually wear lipstick, but I really love this shade. It is a light peachy pink, just the way I like my lip glosses. It is made with the same material as the blush case and also has a magnetic closure, so the lid snaps into and aligns with the bottom of the lipstick case. The lipstick itself is very creamy and smells wonderful. Like a mixture of rose petals and lavender. I just love it!


Info from the Nordstrom website:


Formula: Super-light ‘second skin’ texture provides intense moisture immediately after application. Combination of oils and light waxes helps easy application and extreme comfort.

Benefits: Pigments dispersed in a clear gelled structure ensure high color fidelity. Shiny polymers offer perfect luminosity. Balanced color palette from nude trench tones to Burberry reds.

Protection: Contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lips. Guarantees continuous hydration. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.






The ‘Lip Glow’ Natural Lip Gloss in No. 10 Nutmeg


I originally wanted the ‘Lip Glow’ in No. 07 Cameo Pink or No. 04 Blush, but I loved the way the Nutmeg color looked on top of the Cameo ‘Lip Cover’ so much that I went with it instead. The sales person was the one who suggested it to me and I am so happy that they did. The ‘Lip Glow’ has a similar texture and consistency as my favorite lip gloss, Chanel’s Glossimer. Very creamy and not sticky like other lip glosses. The ‘Lip Glow’ also has a similar scent as the ‘Lip Cover’.  I think this is my next go to lip gloss and I would like to try Cameo Pink next.


Info from  Nordstrom.com:


Formula: A creamy touch and perfectly adherent texture. Light oils and spherical powders give fluidity and comfort.

Benefits: Reflects light to create illusion of plumper, fuller lips. Leaves lips supple, glowing with natural highlights and subtle iconic tones.

Protection: Ceramide complex recreates the intercellular cement. Hydrating formula keeps the lips replenished. Fine lines are filled from within, lips are naturally plumped.







Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No. 05


I have always hated foundations and have never used it. I always hated how thick and fake it looked on. Maybe it was because I never found the right one, but I really loved to use Tinted Moisturizers instead. I just think it is so much more natural looking then foundations. My favorite ones for the past few years has been Stila Illuiminating Tinted Moisturizer or the Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer, seen here on my Beauty Essentials post. After seeing RAEview’s review and tutorial and hearing her talk about how light the Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation was, I knew it would be perfect for me and something I would be interested in trying. After testing it out in person, I was amazed at not only how little product it took to cover my face, but also how  natural and supple my face looked. I am really happy with this product. The bottle is very nicely made and I really like the pump on it. I got Trench No. 05, the same as RAEview.


Info from Nordstrom.com:

Formula: A sheer and light cream fluid. A gelled structure for optimum light diffusion.

Benefits: A subtle finish and natural glow that illuminate the skin. The skin feels beautifully bare, supple and comfortable.

Protection: Hydrating formula. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.






I apologize for how long this post got, but hope you found it helpful. I am by no means a beauty expert and don’t know a lot about cosmetics, but these are just some products I really liked and wanted to share with you. Have you tried these products yet or are interested in trying them? Let me know what you think! Are there any new beauty products you have been loving or have your eyes on? I love trying new products! Hope you are having a good week! Look for another post soon about my other fun purchase.






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