Halloween Festivities

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween. I know I did!  This year Mike and I attended a costume party at our friends house and we had so much fun.  I always enjoy dressing up each year and this Halloween was no exception. It always takes Mike and I forever to figure out what we want our costumes to be each year, but once we decide on a fun non-corny couple idea to go with we get really into it and always go all out. Mike is always game for whatever I want to do, but it I always want to make sure he loves his costume as much as I love mine. That’s one great thing about him, he doesn’t mind being silly and dressing up. The difficult thing for me is that I don’t want to just walk into a Halloween shop and pick up a costume every other girl is also wearing. I like to be creative and somewhat make it my own.

This year we decided a whole three weeks before Halloween (this is good for us!), that we wanted to be a 1920’s couple, he was a British Statesmen and I was a Flapper girl. It really didn’t take us long at all to put our costumes together, but we love props and accessories, so we spent the final day before Halloween picking up last minute things. Like sideburns and a corn pipe for Mike and the right shade of lipstick, along with false lashes for me.

The Dapper Statesmen

I think I had more fun this year than any other getting ready. This is partially because at the very last minute I thought it would be fun to get my makeup done. I stopped by the Dior makeup counter at my local Macy’s and this awesome makeup artist gave me a whole 1920’s makeover. Not only was she the sweetest gal every, but she did an amazing job as well! She didn’t know what a Flapper was suppose to look like, but once I showed her some inspirational photos on my phone, she went to work giving me the most amazing smokey dramatic eyes as well as flawless skin and sultry dark lips. After my makeover I headed over to my friends house to finish getting ready there. One of my friends is a hairstylist and when I told her a couple weeks before that I wanted to be a Flapper, she got so excited and told me she wanted to do my hair for me. The idea was to do finger wave curls, but she also did her own little spin on it. I think she did beautiful job and I was very happy with my hair.

Mike and I spent the evening chatting with our friends as well as making new ones. We took lots of photos and danced the night away. It was a wonderful evening. Do you guys like to dress up for Halloween also? I love seeing what everyone dress up as. It is a fun and interesting conversation starter. One of my favorite costumes of the evening (besides my own) was a mime couple. They we dressed in black and white striped long tees, black pants for him and shorts for her with suspenders and berets. Their face was painted white and she also had a tiny heart painted on her cheeks and pig tails. So cute!




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