Lusting after: Chanel Sunglasses



Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a beautiful Fall weekend for me. I did a little shopping, met friends for Sushi Friday night, and even got a little done around the house. Is it just me or did you feel really bombarded with the Christmas commercials, decorations and ads everywhere you went this weekend? It certainly does not feel like Christmas is close, BUT Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. Once Black Friday is upon us, everything is a blur and the next thing you know Christmas is five days away and you have over half of your Christmas list to shop for. Oh how I love Christmas, but loathe shopping for everyone. It’s not that I don’t like to shop or that I don’t like to buy things for my friends or family. It’s just that I like to take my time picking out just the right thing for each person and I definitely can’t do that when I am on a time crunch. Can you relate to me? Each year I try to tell myself I will start shopping earlier, but I’m such a procrastinator that it never works out. And if I happen to try to shop earlier I always find more cute things for myself then for others. I think it would be a fun idea to do a few posts on fun Christmas gift ideas. Maybe that will help me find things for everyone on my list and yours as wells! Are you a procrastinator Christmas shopper like me or are you pretty good with shopping early? Any tips on how to find unique and fun gifts would be great!

Well enough rambling for now. I want to tell you what I am crushing on hard currently. I am completely OBSESSED with these two pairs of Chanel sunnies and they are definitely going on my Christmas wishlist. They are both so gorgeous in their own way and I can’t decide which ones I love more. The first one is Chanel 5171, pictured on the model above. The bow is just so adorable. I know these have been around for awhile and I have seen them on other bloggers and Youtube makeup gurus. I have two other pairs of Chanel sunglasses, one from about four years ago and another from maybe two years ago, so I think its about time I update my collection. The one thing that is disappointing about my previous Chanel sunglasses is that they are not big enough for me. I personally prefer big sunglasses that cover my eyebrows even and I think either of these will definitely fit the bill.

Chanel 5171








So cute right? Just the perfect pair of chic black sunnies. I especially love the little cc’s on the edge of the bow. I believe they are Swarovskis crystals. I am in LOVE!!


The other pair is Chanel’s 5182. They are very different from the 5171, which are more square and these are round. Think of them as larger Rayban Wayfarers, which I love!


Chanel 5182







Here they are on a favorite blogger and youtube guru Lollipop 26. Don’t they look AMAZING?!?!





And look at how cute these are on the inside!!! I heart these so much.






It’s going to be so hard to choose between the two. I love them both. I guess it ultimately comes down to me going to the store and trying these two bad boys on myself. Which ones do you like better?






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