Sephora Friends & Family Haul + Other Beauty Purchases

Sephora Friends & Family

One of my favorite beauty stores Sephora was having a Friends & Family sale the other week and I was able to pick out some goodies online. I was waiting very impatiently for my package to arrive and am very excited to share it with you! Since I just stocked up recently on makeup from Burberry (which I am still LOVING!), I didn’t really go crazy and order a lot of things. Instead I picked out some things that I’ve been wanting for awhile.

This is what I ordered:

NOTE: I won’t be adding pics of the Stila Travel Palette in this post because I will include it in a separate post.

And Samples of:

  • Pucci Sole 149 Eau de Toilette
  • Prada L’Eau Ambree Eau de Parfum
  • Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum Spray



Juicy Couture “Couture Couture”

If you don’t know already I previously purchased the Juicy Couture “Couture Couture” Eau de Parfum Roll On earlier this Summer (You can see the post Here), and absolutely love it. So when I found out that Sephora was having a F&F sale, I figured it was a good time to finally get it. I’ve been using my Chloe Eau de Parfum every day now and am running low on that, so I will need to pick another bottle in the coming months.
















Dior “DiorShow All For Your Eyes”

I needed some new mascara so I picked up this DiorShow box, which comes with DiorShow mascara in Black,  a mini Duo Express Instant Eye Makeup Remover and a mini Crayon Eyeliner in Black. All for $24, the same price as the DiorShow mascara itself plus 20% off, such a great deal! I also bought this kit because I wanted to try out the Crayon Eyeliner, which I tried for the first time when I got my 1920s Halloween makeover.


Essie’s Smokin’ Hot & Luxedo

Both of these colors are from Essie’s Winter Collection. I bought these because they reminded me of a few OPI colors and wanted to see how they compare. Essie’s “Smokin’ Hot” reminds me of OPI’s “You Don’t Know Jacques” and “Luxedo” reminds me of OPI’s “Lincoln Park After Dark” and “William Tell Me About OPI”. I haven’t tried them out yet, but I will do a post when I do. I think I want to get Essie’s “Masquerade belle” too. Have you guys tried any colors from Essie’s Winter Collection? Which one is your favorite?

Burberry “The Beat”

I purchased this about a month ago, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I’ve heard great things about it and think it would be fun and something different for me. A departure from my usual floral scents.








I like trying out new fragrances and really love Chloe and Juicy Couture “Couture Couture” . What is your favorite? I am also working on some Holiday Gift Guide posts that I am very excited to put up. Look out for them soon!





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