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December 13, 2010

Lovely Little bows

As you may have noticed, I’ve been working extra hard lately on my blog posts. I kinda of  felt bad that I slacked a little bit the week before. I have been planning on doing those “Holiday Gift Guides” ever since November, (here is the link to the “Glamour Girl“, “For Him“, and “$25 and under“). So I am working twice as hard this week to finish all my “Holiday Gift Guides”, so that I can share all my great gift ideas with you guys in time for the Holidays.


This post is not quite a “Holiday Gift Guide”, but it can definitely be used as one. It is just something that I really love, bows and I thought it deserved a posts of its own. I just adore things adorned with a bow and these are just some things that are too sweet and pretty not share with you guys. So I hope you like it! And if you love bows as much as I do, take a peek at my “Holiday Party Looks Part 2” that is inspired by a very pretty dress that may or may not have a bow on it.


Products on Left:


Products on Right:

Found some items for your Christmas List? I thought so. Happy Monday!


November 11, 2010

In love with Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has always been one of my all time favorite female actresses (the others include Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams and Jessica Garner). I feel that she along with all the other women are not only truly talented actresses, but they are also elegant, feminine, fun, and also inspiring, not to mention stunningly beautiful individuals. It is refreshing to see females like these who are famous for their talents, hard work and charitable acts rather then for something like partying. I have enjoyed watching Anne when she first starred in “The Princess Diaries” along with the more recent “Valentine’s Day”.

I just loved her character in “Valentine’s Day”. I found her charming and funny as always. Anne also does a wonderful job picking fun and different roles to play. I think her more dramatic roles are wonderful too like “Rachel Getting Married” and “Becoming Jane”, but I like her best when she does more light hearted roles where her charisma and charm really shines through, along with her great sense of humor and wittiness.

This month Anne is featured on the cover of VOGUE looking oh so beautiful and glamorous. The first photo is just stunning. Here are some more photos from the Paris photo shoot. I am in love with every one of them. She describes the shoot with Mario Testino as : It’s Holly Golightly meets Marge Simpson….It was true glamour. Not just the clothes and the jewels but the feeling that glamour can produce in you, which is like a dream.”

Here is a behind the scenes look of the VOGUE photo shoot where Anne talks about the shoot and her new movie “Love and Other Drugs” with my favorite, Jake Gyllenhaal. I just love seeing all the beautiful dresses and jewelry as well as the production that goes into setting up each shot. It looks like so much fun and she looks like she is having a good time. I mean of course she is! She is in Paris!

Love & Other Drugs

If you have not seen the trailer for it yet, you should definitely check it out. I think it is going to be a very sweet movie. The two of them look like they would be a great couple onscreen. I can’t wait to watch it.  Something to take your guy with or better yet your girlfriends! It is in theaters starting November 24th.



November 8, 2010

Lusting after: Chanel Sunglasses



Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a beautiful Fall weekend for me. I did a little shopping, met friends for Sushi Friday night, and even got a little done around the house. Is it just me or did you feel really bombarded with the Christmas commercials, decorations and ads everywhere you went this weekend? It certainly does not feel like Christmas is close, BUT Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. Once Black Friday is upon us, everything is a blur and the next thing you know Christmas is five days away and you have over half of your Christmas list to shop for. Oh how I love Christmas, but loathe shopping for everyone. It’s not that I don’t like to shop or that I don’t like to buy things for my friends or family. It’s just that I like to take my time picking out just the right thing for each person and I definitely can’t do that when I am on a time crunch. Can you relate to me? Each year I try to tell myself I will start shopping earlier, but I’m such a procrastinator that it never works out. And if I happen to try to shop earlier I always find more cute things for myself then for others. I think it would be a fun idea to do a few posts on fun Christmas gift ideas. Maybe that will help me find things for everyone on my list and yours as wells! Are you a procrastinator Christmas shopper like me or are you pretty good with shopping early? Any tips on how to find unique and fun gifts would be great!

Well enough rambling for now. I want to tell you what I am crushing on hard currently. I am completely OBSESSED with these two pairs of Chanel sunnies and they are definitely going on my Christmas wishlist. They are both so gorgeous in their own way and I can’t decide which ones I love more. The first one is Chanel 5171, pictured on the model above. The bow is just so adorable. I know these have been around for awhile and I have seen them on other bloggers and Youtube makeup gurus. I have two other pairs of Chanel sunglasses, one from about four years ago and another from maybe two years ago, so I think its about time I update my collection. The one thing that is disappointing about my previous Chanel sunglasses is that they are not big enough for me. I personally prefer big sunglasses that cover my eyebrows even and I think either of these will definitely fit the bill.

Chanel 5171








So cute right? Just the perfect pair of chic black sunnies. I especially love the little cc’s on the edge of the bow. I believe they are Swarovskis crystals. I am in LOVE!!


The other pair is Chanel’s 5182. They are very different from the 5171, which are more square and these are round. Think of them as larger Rayban Wayfarers, which I love!


Chanel 5182







Here they are on a favorite blogger and youtube guru Lollipop 26. Don’t they look AMAZING?!?!





And look at how cute these are on the inside!!! I heart these so much.






It’s going to be so hard to choose between the two. I love them both. I guess it ultimately comes down to me going to the store and trying these two bad boys on myself. Which ones do you like better?





November 4, 2010

Pretty little charms



This post is a little late, but here it is as promised. I really didn’t do any shopping aside from the Burberry makeup while in Chicago, so I was a little disappointed since I had been saving up for awhile for a little splurge. I was considering purchasing a new handbag since I had my current one for awhile now and an over the shoulder bag would be a nice change. So when I went into my local Louis Vuitton to try out a few styles I have had my eyes on for a few months now, I found out that everything was sold out. Needless to say I didn’t walk away with the bag I wanted, but I did happen to stumble upon this special little something. I have to admit that this wasn’t planned, but I have never been more happy with a purchase. Just looking at it right now while I am writing this post puts a very big smile on my face. Well I have been keeping you in suspense for long enough. Here it is!





Louis Vuitton Pretty Charms Key holder











Gorgeous right? These bag charms are meant to be used a key chain or  hooked onto the handles of your bag, but they also look really cute on just like a charm bracelet. I just adore each little charm. They are so delicate and adorable. It’s not the most practical of purchases, but it makes me love my bag even more then I already did before. I also think they will look great with whichever bag I decide to get in the future.

Here is what they look like on my bag.








I think they look amazing against the Damier Ebene print and adds a fun pop of color to my bag. LV also has a few other styles of bag charms too that are very adorable, but I fell in love with this particular one. I also think that the size of the charms goes perfect with the size of my bag. I really like this bag charm too, but I found the charms way to big.



Looping Chain Key Ring

Last photo I promise!






How about you? Any recent splurges or fun purchases?





October 28, 2010

Burberry Beauty

I have been a big fan of Burberry for years and when I heard that the company was debuting a Beauty line in July, I couldn’t wait to check it out. The collection is available at Nordstroms and Burberry stores, but unfortunately for me I live in one of the states that does not carry the line (not even in the Burberry store). As much as I wanted some of the products I couldn’t bring myself to just order them online in case I didn’t like any of it, so I put off purchasing them. Luckily for me I was able to take a quick trip to Chicago this past weekend and got to see the whole collection in person.

I went to the Nordstrom off of Michigan Avenue and got a little make over from a sales associate for Burberry. The sales associate was really helpful and did a great job. Whenever I get a makeover at a department store I always leave hating everything they put on me. It is probably because I really like natural looking makeup and where ever I go they always put way too much on and make me look like a clown. That was definitely not the case at Burberry. I loved everything I tried on and the sales person was amazing at picking out what would look good on me!

I think I instantly gravitated towards their beauty line because I know that the Burberry look has always been very natural and the new beauty ads really showed that. I love their peachy cheeks and rosy lips!

The Burberry beauty collection includes 96 products ranging from:

Foundation, Pressed Powder, and Compact Foundation




Blush and Bronzer




Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and Lip Pencil




Eye Shadow, Mascara, and Eye Pencil



I went to Nordstrom prepared with a list of products that I wanted to try after doing some research online and watching reviews on youtube. A really good review I found for Burberry cosmetics is from a beauty guru name REAview. I always enjoy watching her reviews and tutorials. She does great reviews of products with a lot of good information and I like her taste in cosmetics. She also has similar skin tone to mine so it is easy to see if something would look good on me or not. After watching her Burberry beauty review, I knew I that I would love the products.

My original list included:

  1. The ‘Light Glow’ Natural Blush in No. 02 Cameo or No. 04 Peony – $42
  2. The ‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick in No. 02 Cameo or No. 08 Tea Rose – $30
  3. The ‘Lip Glow’ Natural Lip Gloss in No. 07 Cameo Pink or No. 04 Blush – $27
  4. Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No. 05 – $52

And I ended up getting:

  1. The ‘Light Glow’ Natural Blush in No. 04 Peony
  2. The ‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick in No. 02 Cameo
  3. The ‘Lip Glow’ Natural Lip Gloss in No. 10 Nutmeg
  4. Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No. 05

My Purchase:

Nordstrom was having a beauty event going on the time I was there, so I got a cute little canvas bag with my purchase, along with some extra samples of the lipstick and foundation.



Me playing around with the camera





The ‘Light Glow’ Natural Blush in No. 04 Peony

This blush is so pretty on. It is a very natural light shade of rosy pink. It is very pigmented so you only need a swipe or two with your brush to get a good amount of color on your cheeks. The case is a really nice metal-like material with a gun-metal color with the Burberry signature check on it. The blush case also has a magnetic closure, something very unique with cosmetic cases I’ve never seen before. It also comes with a cloth pouch with Burberry check print if you can see in the photo to the left of the case.


Info from


Formula: This airy micro-powder ensures rich shades. Silicones provide an easy glide.

Benefits: An effortlessly natural fresh complexion and a healthy glow.

Protection: Provides moisturizing benefits.





The ‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick in No. 02 Cameo


I don’t usually wear lipstick, but I really love this shade. It is a light peachy pink, just the way I like my lip glosses. It is made with the same material as the blush case and also has a magnetic closure, so the lid snaps into and aligns with the bottom of the lipstick case. The lipstick itself is very creamy and smells wonderful. Like a mixture of rose petals and lavender. I just love it!


Info from the Nordstrom website:


Formula: Super-light ‘second skin’ texture provides intense moisture immediately after application. Combination of oils and light waxes helps easy application and extreme comfort.

Benefits: Pigments dispersed in a clear gelled structure ensure high color fidelity. Shiny polymers offer perfect luminosity. Balanced color palette from nude trench tones to Burberry reds.

Protection: Contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lips. Guarantees continuous hydration. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.






The ‘Lip Glow’ Natural Lip Gloss in No. 10 Nutmeg


I originally wanted the ‘Lip Glow’ in No. 07 Cameo Pink or No. 04 Blush, but I loved the way the Nutmeg color looked on top of the Cameo ‘Lip Cover’ so much that I went with it instead. The sales person was the one who suggested it to me and I am so happy that they did. The ‘Lip Glow’ has a similar texture and consistency as my favorite lip gloss, Chanel’s Glossimer. Very creamy and not sticky like other lip glosses. The ‘Lip Glow’ also has a similar scent as the ‘Lip Cover’.  I think this is my next go to lip gloss and I would like to try Cameo Pink next.


Info from


Formula: A creamy touch and perfectly adherent texture. Light oils and spherical powders give fluidity and comfort.

Benefits: Reflects light to create illusion of plumper, fuller lips. Leaves lips supple, glowing with natural highlights and subtle iconic tones.

Protection: Ceramide complex recreates the intercellular cement. Hydrating formula keeps the lips replenished. Fine lines are filled from within, lips are naturally plumped.







Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No. 05


I have always hated foundations and have never used it. I always hated how thick and fake it looked on. Maybe it was because I never found the right one, but I really loved to use Tinted Moisturizers instead. I just think it is so much more natural looking then foundations. My favorite ones for the past few years has been Stila Illuiminating Tinted Moisturizer or the Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer, seen here on my Beauty Essentials post. After seeing RAEview’s review and tutorial and hearing her talk about how light the Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation was, I knew it would be perfect for me and something I would be interested in trying. After testing it out in person, I was amazed at not only how little product it took to cover my face, but also how  natural and supple my face looked. I am really happy with this product. The bottle is very nicely made and I really like the pump on it. I got Trench No. 05, the same as RAEview.


Info from

Formula: A sheer and light cream fluid. A gelled structure for optimum light diffusion.

Benefits: A subtle finish and natural glow that illuminate the skin. The skin feels beautifully bare, supple and comfortable.

Protection: Hydrating formula. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.






I apologize for how long this post got, but hope you found it helpful. I am by no means a beauty expert and don’t know a lot about cosmetics, but these are just some products I really liked and wanted to share with you. Have you tried these products yet or are interested in trying them? Let me know what you think! Are there any new beauty products you have been loving or have your eyes on? I love trying new products! Hope you are having a good week! Look for another post soon about my other fun purchase.





October 14, 2010

I heart MULBERRY + Alexa Chung for Madewell



I have to admit that up until this Spring I have never heard of Mulberry.  But during this Summer and Fall I couldn’t go on any fashion website or open up any magazine without hearing about Mulberry and Target’s collaboration with Mulberry which I wrote about in my Mulberry for Target post. Since then I’ve been lusting after the “Alexa” bag like everyone else (this bag has been on backorder since this Summer), designed for Mulberry by the British model Alexa Chung.





Love the patent leather Alexa too!




Speaking of Alexa Chung. Have you seen the new Alexa Chung for Madewell line? There are some pretty cute pieces.


Alexa Chung for Madewell Sketchbook Tee “Happy Skull”



Alexa Chung for Madewell “Betty Tea Dress”




I did a little browsing through the Mulberry online shop and found so many great items that deserve a spot in your home.  Here is my Mulberry Must Have List!

1. Mulberry “Alexa” – Oak Soft Buffalo

No list would be complete with the “Alexa”. Need I say more?







2. Mulberry “Alexa Small Shoulder Clutch” – Black Soft Buffalo

Such a classic and cute mini version of the “Alexa”. Perfect for daytime or nighttime.




3. Mulberry “Bayswater” – Drizzle Ostrich

Now I don’t think I would ever purchase an Ostrich product, but I just thought this grey bag is very beautiful. I just love the texture and structure of the bag.






4. Mulberry For Apple “Bayswater Sleeve For 13″ Macbook” – Black Drummed Patent Leather

I think my Macbook Pro would love me for this.




5. Mulberry “A6 Notebook Cover” – Oak Natural Leather

Perfect for students or professionals to keep your notebooks looking oh so chic.




6. Mulberry “Bayswater Pouch” – Steel Metallic Leopard

A fun pouch to carry and organize all your essentials. Perfect if you’re like me and carry a large bag where everything gets lost all the time!





7. Mulberry “Charm Bracelet” – Silver Metal

Would this not look so lovely around your wrist?






8. Mulberry “London Bus Keyring” – Pale Gold Metal-Enamel

Cutest Keyring right? Makes me want to take a trip to London.





9. Mulberry “Postman’s Lock Ankle Boot” – Drizzle Soft Spongy

Most beautiful boots EVER! I think they are perfect for Fall and Winter. See it on Emma Hill, creative director of Mulberry here.






10. Mulberry Jacquard Logo Scarf – Plum Merino Cashmere

Keep yourself wear during those cold snowy days with this beautiful scarf wrapped around your neck. I love the Mulberry tree logo!







The list could go on and on, but I can’t add every single item from their online shop! That is how much I love Mulberry. I like their elegant and classic style. These are things I imagined I would use for many years. Pieces that are timeless and you will love forever. What is on your Mulberry Must Have List? I would love to know!


I almost forgot. Since this is a Mulberry Themed post. I should show you what I ended up getting from the Mulberry for Target line.



Mulberry for Target ” Pebble Crossbody” – Black


I didn’t expect the best material from this line so, I am not at all surprise at the quality of the bag like most people keep talking about. It is what I expect from Target and especially at this price point. It’s not the best quality, but I think it’s pretty nice for what it is. It is not something I plan on having year and years from now, so I am happy with it. And if it turns out to be something I really love then I could always save up and invest in the real thing. I mainly like it for the design. I simply love the lock hardware on the Mulberry bags. Of course I could do without the “Mulberry for Target” etched in the lock, but what can you do. I don’t have any small crossbody bag like this and thought it would be nice to have when I need to go somewhere that is best to carry as little things on my body as possible, aside from a wallet, phone, and lipgloss and this definitely fits the description. Plus its adorable. I was not able to find a large version of the Patent leather satchel that I saw in the ads that I originally wanted. it is not available online either. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that one too. I heard somewhere that there might be more bags released next month. Keeping my fingers crossed!



My photos (sorry it’s not so great). I just took some quick photos with my iphone.




The charms are not my favorite details, but you can always take them off.



I plan on wearing it like so. I’m small and short so it is a good size for me.


What is your favorite item from the Mulberry for Target line? Are you planning on or did you pick anything up from Target?





October 11, 2010

October Faves: MICHAEL KORS Rose Gold Watches

I have been  completely in love with these Michael Kors Rose Gold Watches for awhile now. I am thinking they will be one of my favorite Autumn accessories this year. Here are three different ones that I really like. I tried all three of them on recently to see how they look in person, since you never know what size they will be in person. I also wasn’t sure how well the rose gold color will go with my skin tone (there is a difference in the rose gold tone among the three). Something you don’t know about me is that I am a watch fanatic! I own about six different watches, which some people will probably think is a bit much. But since I usually always wear the same jewelry everyday (diamond studs and necklace), I like to switch it up with my watches and silver or gold bracelets with them. And trust me they are ALL different and I wear them all the time. I usually wear at least three different style each week and I can’t wait to add one of these watches to my collection.

Here are the three styles I really like.

MICHAEL KORS Rose gold-plated chronograph watch – $250


This watch has a rose gold dial (which I really like) on the face as well as three sub-dials and a date function. It combines a beautiful feminine and elegant rose gold tone along with masculine details like the link bracelets and the oversized face.












MICHAEL KORS Oversized Rose Gold Watch – $250


This is an oversized watch with a simple rose gold face. A little more simple and feminine then the previous watch.  Similar three sub-dials, date function and hinged snap closure as the Rose gold-plated Chronograph watch. These two watches are similar also in size approximately 2.75″ diameter and the dials are 1.75″ wide. The rose gold tone in both of these watches are the same and accurately pictured below.



You can see here that the links on this watch is much smaller then on the Rose gold-plated chronogaphy watch.











AND LASTLY MY FAVORITE: MICHAEL KORS Rose Golden Chronograph Watch – $250


This watch is different from the previous ones in many ways. Aside from the white face, this rose gold color of this watch is much lighter and subtle then the other watches. This is one reason why I like this watch over the others ones. Since I have a more olive skin tone I feel that this color best complemented me. The other two were too yellow and bright for me, whereas this one is a more light gold. I also tried a regular gold MICHAEL KORS watch and that definitely did not look good on me. It could be because I am use to just wearing silver instead of gold and the lighter rose gold color was a easier transition for me to make. But I just felt it looked better on my skin tone.




Another key difference with this watch are the links. The links are much larger then other watches. I have a small wrist and you might think a watch with smaller links will look better, but since the face is oversized, I think the larger links makes the watch look less overwhelming and much sleeker on my wrist.




Last thing to note is that the face to this watch (1.5″) is smaller then the other ones (1.75″). And while I do like oversize watches, I felt the other ones where just too big for my wrists and this was just the right size.






While these watches were very similar, they are also completely different. I think each one would look different on everyone and you just have to try it on to figure out which one is best for you. I think I found the one for me and will let you know which one I ended up picking. I know this look isn’t for everybody. But I really like watches, so I am really obsessed with these. I hope you found this helpful if you are considering any of these watches.


Are any of you guys liking these watches too? Which one do you like the best! Happy Monday!




October 2, 2010


Many of you already know and are waiting for the highly coveted Mulberry for Target line to hit Target stores any day now (October 10th to be exact). But I wanted to tell you that your wait is over! I heard from Couture and Crayon that the line has arrived in stores. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely checking it out tomorrow. I know that many people are disappointed in the quality of the bags (faux leather, patent leather and denim), but I think that you get what you pay for. If you want the real thing then you should save up and shell out the money for it. Of course I’m very disappointed, along with others that there will not be a replica of my favorite bag, Alexa available, but a girl can dream.

Emma Hill, the creative director of Mulberry with the Oversized Alexa looking very fashionably chic.



Here are some photos from when GILTGROUP.COM had a flash sale of Mulberry for Target back in August, so you can get a better idea of what they look like.

Here is a picture from Couture & Crayon’s blog of the black tote.

I don’t care much for the denim or leopard print bags, but I wouldn’t find picking up the cute black leather (faux leather) cross body bag or the black “Bayswater” satchel or the tote from Couture & Crayon. The tote would be a great work bag I think, but I would definitely take off all the charms.

Here is an interview that Target did with Emma Hill (the brains behind the operations) that I thought you might enjoy. She talks about the brand and their collaboration with Target.

Q: How would you describe the personality of the Mulberry luxury brand?

A: Mulberry may be a luxury brand but we are not uptight or self-conscious. We are laid back, nostalgic and eclectic, with a healthy dose of quirkiness and English spirit! We are friendly and fun, responsible and authentic, and we love tea and cake!

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Mulberry for Target collection?

A: At Mulberry we believe in fashion that feels good, and our inspiration for Target was to create affordable bags that represent our Mulberry style and character that channeled our funky, English cool! We were inspired by fabulous prints and texture. Pink leopard print is a funky update for everyday totes, and there are also bags in black patent or velvet: luxurious feeling and amazingly affordable. We kept the general spirit of Mulberry

in all the bags by utilizing our own existing iconic shapes and always using our classic postman’s lock, which we altered to read “Mulberry for Target.”

Q: Help give us a preview of what’s to come. Describe one of the handbags in the collection and where you take it.

A: For complete “wow” factor, the Large Satchel in pink leopard print is fabulous: roomy enough for all your everyday essentials (and more!) and a secure style to tote around from day to day. For total Mulberry cuteness, the Cross-Body bag in denim is adorable—perfect for chucking on wherever you go, and a great option for taking you from day to evening. The denim version is exclusive to, so keep an eye out for its arrival!

Q: How would you define the Mulberry girl?

A: The Mulberry girl is playful and creative. She is quietly confident and will make you smile. She enjoys fashion but hates pretentiousness. She is intelligent and generous but a little bit cheeky, with bucketloads of English charm! She loves beautiful things and is generous, friendly and warm. She knows who she is without being arrogant.

Q: We adore the tiny pups that were onsite for the Mulberry for Target photo shoot. What’s the connection between Mulberry and K9s?

A: At Mulberry we love our furry friends! The pooches on the Target shoot were French bulldogs, but we love pups in all shapes and sizes and have been producing clothes for them for a couple of seasons now. This winter we have a fantastic coat and snuggly jumper for cold days, so your pets can look as stylish as you do! People are really embracing our pet wear, and if you visit our Mulberry Facebook page you can coo over customers’ Mulberry-clad pooches in our photo gallery!

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t find having Emma’s job! It was really fun to read about the Mulberry brand and it makes me like them even more. Everything that they say about the “Mulberry girl” is how I feel about fashion and life. They are definitely becoming a favorite brand for me. I can’t wait to see what they have in stall next this season as well as the pet ware. I bet it will be adorable. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Hope you have a great weekend!



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September 30, 2010

Wedge Boots for Fall

It’s Fall and I can’t stop shopping for boots! I’m sure many of you can relate. I normally dread the thought of having to put away my cute sandals and wedges, but I’m finding many cute pairs of wedge boots this season. It’s a nice compromise for me because I adore wedges so much. Here are some of my favorites. I’m not sure which ones I like more, the tall knee high ones or the cute ankle ones.










(Available in Black, Redwood, and Brown)









(Available in Black, Grey, and Tan)



(Available in Black, Cognac, Grey Leather, Tan, and Wine)





(Available in Black and Tan)





I really like how versatile each style of boots are. They both go perfectly with a pair jeans or  paired with a cute skirt or dress and leggings. Like these dresses below. You can easily dress them up or down as much as you like.








Are you guys considering some wedge boots this season also? Let me know which ones you have your eyes on.








September 24, 2010

Lusting after: The New Coach Madison Gathered Leather Collection

All I can say is wow. I am very impressed with the new Coach Madison gathered leather Sophia Satchel and accordion zip wallet. I got to see both of them this past week before it goes on sale this Friday and all I have to say is that they are GORGEOUS! The leather is so beautiful and soft. The gathered leather is such a fun detail that I am really loving right now. I don’t really like any of the Coach signature handbags or accessories, but I do have to say that their leather handbags are always very nicely made. I thought that I’ve grown out of Coach, but this bag reminds me that I can always rely on Coach for a nice beautifully designed handbag. Even though I’ve been eyeing other handbags with a much bigger price tag, I think I might have to make an exception for this one.

This is the Madison gathered leather Sophia Satchel. Isn’t it so beautiful? My favorite is the black leather. But it also comes in a rich purple color and beautiful light grey. I wouldn’t mind having this particular handbag in every color.  It comes in two sizes: the smaller size retails for $498 and the larger is $598. Please note that there is a very big size difference between the two. I thought that the large size might be too big, but it is not at all. But then again I am a big handbag type of girl. Don’t you love the styling of model’s outfit too? Very MadMen and Blair Waldorf. Love. Love.



Here is the matching accordian zip. I love the size and feel of this zip wallet so much. And take a look at all the compartments and credit card slots! So beautiful! It would be great as a going out clutch on its own too. Retails for $248.










I am really loving the deep lush purple color also. It would be perfect for Fall.  Those leather studded gloves are pretty awesome too.







Are you coveting any new handbags this season? Thanks for reading!